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Another Shot in the Foot ?

With todays announcement of an inquiry into the Iraq war Iraq war inquiry to be in private one might have thought that Gordon Brown was sidestepping critics by doing exactly what they were asking him to do.

Personally I don’t see much point in yet another inquiry after Butler & Hutton, but that’s not really the point.The calls for an inquiry have become a thorn in Gordon Brown’s side, something that he receives regular criticism on, and something which he can set in motion relatively easily in order to assuage public opinion.

So a quick win then ?

Well no – because it will be held in private – for “security reasons”.  Which means the waste of time that would nonetheless have lifted some of the pressure from the Prime Minister, will instead still be a waste of time, and will only increase the pressure on him. Does anyone think for one second that this will appease the likes of  The Stop the War Coalition ? I don’t think so !

Does he not have any one to give him sensible advice ?


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