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Who reads my blog anyway ?

Yesterday I downloaded a new app for my iPhone, and had a really good time messing about with it. It was “BlogPress” – which allows you to update a blog straight from your phone – and here’s the bit – upload pictures straight to your blog from the camera on the phone.

Lovely, Triffic, Great !

In the midst of my experimentation I blogged a few spurious bits and pieces of nothing much – some of which can still be seen, and checked to see if they’d uploaded. They had. I was about to delete some of the dross when I was called away, and in the intervening 3 hours or so I demonstrated the power of BlogPress to my wife – taking her pic with my phone, and uploading it. Fully clothed mind, looking bored as she tried to change the TV channel with the remote.

Less than two hours later I looked at my blog and there she was. Everything was just as it should be – except my viewer counter had jumped by about 20 odd since I last looked.

Now 20’s not a large number in internet terms, but bearing in mind that the number you see to the right of this post is, as I write, in the low 80s – and represents the total number of visitors to this site ever – then it makes you wonder.

This is a new blog – I don’t have much of an audience for it, and am not quickly drumming up viewers – my previous peak came for obvious reasons when I cross posted a blog entry on Labour List.

But yesterday – I did nothing – no links no tweets no references on Facebook – just 20 viewers in two hours to look at a picture of my wife, that nobody other then me and her, knew was there.

There must be a lesson to be learned here but I’m sure I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it is that the numbers of readers I’ve had so far have been so low as to be indistinguishable from random chance.

Time will tell. Keep reading !

(I’ve deleted the picture by the way)


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