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Worst lyrics ?

The worst lyrics to a song ? Well this is my entry – do you know of one better ?

It’s Summer and the weather’s not too good – we’ve got to have some fun somewhere haven’t we ?

(This was from William Bell in 1968 when it reached 86 in the US top 100 – lyrics by Bell and Booker T Jones)

Listen, people, listen
I`m gonna sing you a song
About a man who lived good
But didn`t live too long

He was born in Macon, Georgia
A poor boy without a dime
He found his way to Memphis
Singing These Arms Of Mine

Otis, Otis Redding was his name
Without his soulful singing
This old world won`t be the same

Now he traveled on to Frisco
New York and abroad
Everywhere he sang
The people would applaud

One day he left Georgia
Wisconsin bound
But he didn`t get to sing that night
The plane he was in went down


He was a soul music singer
The king of the Memphis sound
It makes me feel so sad
Cause now he ain`t around

He died with his guitar
Close to his hands

But his soul lives on today
In the heart of a million fans

Talking about

Otis, Otis Redding was his name
His picture oughta be hung
In the music hall of fame

Otis, he was known as Big O
Otis, we gonna miss him so
Otis, ooh, yeah,
We gonna miss him so


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