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I think it’s clever to swear ! (well David Cameron does anyway)

I don't want to be nice - I think it's clever to swear !

I don't want to be nice - I think it's clever to swear !

Yesterday’s shenanigans over David Cameron using the word “twat” on radio  (See Is the T-word offensive? on the BBC Magazine site) will not do great or lasting harm to him or the Conservatives, nor will many people have been truly offended by his words (although trying to pretend he didn’t know what it meant is lame in the extreme).

The event though does illustrate 3 things :

1. David Cameron is vulnerable to silly gaffes, and the press are just as happy to pounce on them as they are on silly gaffes by Labour. We could have a whole dissection of the rights and wrongs of the press doing that – but at the moment I’m quite happy to see DC having a bad day for a change.

2. When my 14 year old son got wind of this story his instant comment was “He just doesn’t get it does he ?” – Get what ? you may ask – Twitter is the answer.  He really doesn’t understand what it’s about and why it’s important, and it really is !

May be not Twitter per se – but the whole interactive nature of new technologies, and the way that young people, old people and, well – just people – communicate with each other, and in a whole range of ways that they never did before.

This is something that political parties can not afford to miss out on. There are people in his party that know this. It surprises me that he was so dismissive of it.

3. David Cameron doesn’t understand that trying to look cool, can sometimes look the exact opposite. What on earth was he thinking of – “Getting down wit da Yoof ” ?

He had all the uber-cool of William “Billy the Pop” Hague in his baseball cap trying to convince people that he used to drink 10 pints a day when he worked on the brewery lorry.

Which I find refreshing !

I wouldn’t normally stoop to such low tactics as putting silly captions on photos – but hey we’ve got to have some fun sometimes.

My title by the way is an extract from John Cooper Clarke’s poem I don’t want to be nice :

I don’t want to be nice
I think it’s clever to swear
Better seek some sound advice
Better look elsewhere”

John Cooper Clarke of course is also the author of another poem : “Twat”


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