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Still no response to David Cameron on Autism, Disability

I blogged some months back that David Cameron was making the running on the issue of disability

David Cameron’s right to flag up provision for families with disabled children.

, an important and potentially vote winning area for all parties, which I have a professional interest in.

I somehow missed however, this speech in July at a Research Autism conference. (and which is now being linked to albeit circuitously via Conservative Home (don’t ask me for the exact link – it’s buried in there somewhere – sorry !)

I’d like to look at this more fully in due course, but at the moment I’d say that it’s a strong speech addressing many of the concerns and worries of families with disabled children, and he deserves credit for that.

He misses the mark subtly though in his suggestions for responses – and I’m disappointed that Labour have not, to my knowledge, spoken up on these issues to demonstrate a still stronger concern for people with disabilities than David Cameron does.

He’s getting an easy ride, on what should be natural Labour territory – good for him – but we can, I hope, do better.

More to follow …


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