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I thought this was brilliant …

Not my usual stuff this, but I thought this was brilliant and wanted to share it …

My wife had a hospital appointment today, for an MRI scan at the National Neurological Hospital in Queen Square, London (not as drastic as it sounds actually – Oh and did I mention that Queen Square are brilliant – #welovethenhs !)

Anyway they have about 8 scanners at various points in the hospital. For some reason all of them were very busy, and right away they started apologising about the likely wait. They didn’t sit on their laurels though, and after a bit of ringing round she was informed that if she would like to follow this particular radiographer she’d be able to have the scan in a mobile scanner, in another part of the building.

So off she went. Only trouble was the radiographer wasn’t exactly sure of where the machine was, and when he eventually found out, he wasn’t precisely sure of how to get there. See, he’d only started in this hospital today, and wasn’t supposed to be working on this anyway – he’d been drafted in to ease the waiting times. So they went up a few stair cases along a few corridors in and out of a few doors etc etc, and all the time the radiographer was the consummate sober professional, making polite conversation, and trying to look as if he knew where he was going.

Then they passed through a pair of double doors and …

The radiographer hugged the man at the other side of the doors, and within seconds the two of them were jumping up and down, shrieking with delight and dancing for joy, leaving my wife standing somewhat perplexed.

The radiographer then explained to her that the man was his best friend from his home in Nigeria, who he had not seen or heard from since leaving home to train as a radiographer 5 years ago. His friend was now a Senior Registrar at the hospital, and both were delighted to have seen each other totally by chance, and neither knew the other was in England, never mind the NNH.

The friend gathered his composure, and asked “Who is your colleague ?”, and my wife answered “Actually I’m not his colleague – I’m one of his patients”

The long lost compatriots looked sheepish, and the radiographer said “We’d better take you for your scan”, and things went a little quiet.

“Oh for crying out loud – you haven’t seen him for 5 years – get his phone number, my scan can wait ! ” interjected my wife.

So he did, and it did, and actually there wasn’t much of a wait.

Anyway – I hope you liked this story – I did.

As I say, not my usual – but if you’re looking for a political angle, then how about “broken Britain” – because I don’t think Britain is broken.  I think it’s a great place where great things happen every day that make people happy. This was one of them !

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