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This weekend I’ve had my parents to stay – which is why I’ve not had any chance to indulge in my habit of blogging the weekend away.

However no weekend with my parents would be complete without a disagreement about their chosen reading material (“I only get it for the crossword” says my Mum – a likely story ! (to use one of her favourite expressions) )

So this morning I got to actually peruse the Mail on Sunday for real – ie. with a paper copy, rather than via the internet.

I abandoned it part way through, already despairing of the will to live (but also incidentally curiously baffled as to why such a pro-tory media outlet, has such a definite ‘anti-Cameron’ vein running through it – believe me Tories , if you lose Cameron – you lose the election). Before giving up though I read Liz Jone’s column You want BA to soar again, Willie? Then get Thora Hird out of the loo which is what i’m guessing passes for humour in the strange world that Mail readers inhabit (I’ve visited this world – my parents live there remember !).

Well anyway  – no dissections and critiques – no meta analysis and deconstruction – just this little snippet for you to savour  (this in relation to British Airways practices designed to make the airline more effective and profitable)

“When you call passengers for their flight, do not summon people with small children first. They shouldn’t be travelling anyway”

I mean what ?  what ?

Is this for real ? – hopefully not – hopefully it’s a joke.

But if this is a joke – what ?

Is this the kind of humour they have ?

What is wrong with these people ?


November 9, 2009 - Posted by | blogs, Family, idle banter |

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  1. I think this one sums Liz up much better:

    “Stop telling me the names of the cabin crew who will be looking after me. I don’t care.”

    And then she has the temerity to suggest that people aren’t nice enough to her.

    Comment by Phil | November 9, 2009 | Reply

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