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Happy Holidays !

I couldn’t resist blogging on this latest bit of festive fun from our friends at the Daily Mail : ‘Season’s Greetings’ from David Cameron as Tories Christmas cards ‘pander to politically correct brigade’

Well I don’t know about you, but I thought ‘Seasons greetings’ was about as traditional as it got – can’t see why anyone could  object to that, mind you I can’t see why anyone should object to Happy Christmas either – I get a lot of cards with both on – and send a few too. Many of them to Muslims, Jews and Hindus – who don’t seem to mind (and who send them back as well).
But having been subjected to pressure from people over-sensitive that their cards could cause offence to some people (ie The Mail) – the Conservative party have bought in new stock that says Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (shown above).

Political Correctness gone mad I call it !!!

The new stock of cards is apparently sold out by the way.

I never cease to wonder at The Mail – if this is how they treat their friends it’s no wonder they’re so unfair to their enemies.

PS  – The one with the phone box is not offensive in any way – but it is seriously naff !


I nearly forgot – one of the trails for other articles on The Mail website was for this tasteful Christian story about Sarah Jessica Parker’s wardrobe malfunction. Have a look : Sarah Jessica Parker suffers a wardrobe malfunction as flimsy dress is caught by the wind , and marvel at how in the space of a couple of webpage inches and a single click, The Mail can go from criticising their favourite right wing party for preferring generic winter scenes and pictures of robins to pictures of Jesus and the Three Kings. “, to clearly demonstrating their preference for pictures of outlined female breasts and genitalia to pictures of Mary, Joseph and the Inn Keeper.


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