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Happy Christmas tweeps and blogsters

I’d like to wish every one who’s taken the time to visit my blog, or talk to me via Twitter in the past year a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

12 months ago I had a Facebook account (fairly active), a Twitter account (one follower, who I also followed – but more usually we’d text each other), I even had a blog – not this one – and no one read it.

Somewhere around February things went a bit bonkers, and I’m now a confirmed blogger – I don’t have millions of viewers – I’m just coming to 2,000 visits, but I can count at least 2 Government ministers amongst them, and 4 MP’s to my certain knowledge, but actually the best bit is that I enjoy it.

Along the way I’ve had the odd hairy moment – notably publishing under my real name on a particularly turbulent weekend for Labour on a very prominent site, and which prompted the birth of Nils – my alter ego.

Mostly it’s been lots of fun though – having postings published on LabourList, Left Foot Forward, and the Progress web site, and making lots of Twitter friends – sometimes engaging in earnest political debate – but mostly just idle banter.

I’ve also joined the Labour Party – encouraged a couple of others to join, and – the icing on the cake – visited 10 Downing street earlier this month for the Downing Tweet Christmas party – courtesy of Sarah Brown, and Kerry McCarthy MP who put my name forward.

So it’s been a good year for me Tweetwise and Blogwise – Hope it’s been as good for all of you – and I hope next year brings us what we all want !

Season’s Greetings as they say in the Conservative Party, but not in the Daily Mail !

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Tom Harris taking a stand against nasty comments

After my blog a few days ago Comment is Free – but at what cost ? I was heartened to see this piece Land of Angry by seasoned blogger and Labour MP Tom Harris (aka on Twitter as @TomHarrisMP ).

It seems Tom has become so fed up with nihilist commenters that he’s changed his comments policy and  in future

“if your comment is, in my view, needlessly offensive and snide, I’ll delete it without explanation or apology”

I think he’s entirely justified – Tom has for a long time allowed serial ‘offenders’ to freely publish some downright offensive comments, and I am glad that he’s changed his stance.

It would be good to see some other mainstream political blogs following suit – LabourList for one.

That’s all for now

Oh and by the way :

Happy Christmas everyone !

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