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David Cameron ? He’s losing it more & more each day

I blogged last week first on Monday Cameron is losing it , then on Tuesday Yes, Dave IS losing it ! about how David Cameron appeared to be having a big wobble in his election campaign (and I also remember saying that William Hague’s words on Andrew Marr’s programme would come back to haunt him “He does not wobble. He’s not a man who wobbles. And nor do the rest of us sitting around him.”)

So was it a wobble – or the fore-runner of things to come ?

Well it seems DC and the Tories just can’t help walking into trouble – this morning a new inept poster campaign : Cameron launches “Never voted Tory before” campaign which the Tories are so convinced will be a devastating win for them, that they’re making it difficult for anyone to get access to high-res images of the posters.( No running scared there then eh ? ). I guess someone over at will sort that out. (  I’ve never voted Tory… )

Just how badly can they run an election campaign ? Do they never learn ? Well I hope not  – this is another absolute gift to Labour.

And then adding stupidity to incompetence we also get the announcement that David Cameron wants to give all public employees the right to set up co-operatives to run the services.  Well this didn’t go down well last time Divi Dave (see this Facebook group Is Divi Dave the poshest pioneer ? – set up in 2007) and it won’t this time. If you want to find out about co-operatives David, I suggest you join The Co-operative Party.

You're not hurting me !

All this flailing around wildly throwing “killer” blows against the Labour Party, does sort of remind me of that other titanic struggle – the Rumble in the Jungle. Younger readers may not recall that this was a boxing match between Muhammed Ali, and the younger, supposedly more powerful George Foreman who rained in blow after blow against Ali – before Ali moved his hands from his face – somewhere around Round 7  – to announce “You’re not hurting me !”,  and then proceeded to knock out the exhausted Foreman out in Round 8.

The technique became known as Rope-a-Dope .

No prizes for guessing who I think the Dope is  here !

Jelly on a plate, Jelly on a plate, wibble wobble, wibble wobble, Jelly on a plate


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