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Twitter Problem with E-Cademy Website

A quick blog to alert people to an issue I’ve had with the E-Cadamy  website

I received an invite to this site from a Twitter-friend yesterday and decided to give it a go – I signed up (or thought I did) and as is the case with a number of social networking websites, it prompted me to send invites for people I wanted to connect with – and could do this via Twitter.

Without thinking I quickly did this. Shortly afterwards realising that my “DM” was clogged up with messages from me – all of the invites had gone out via direct message. What I didn’t realise is that there’s a 200 message per day limit on Direct Messages – and as of this moment I can’t send any at all – until tomorrow no doubt. I suspect though that it might take a while longer – I deleted several dozen of the messages sent on my behalf by the site earlier today (all the ones I could find) only to find them replaced by several dozen more. It looks as if they’ve been sent in alphabetical order – and I’m only up to ‘G’ – so bearing in mind I have around 450 followers, it looks like it could be a few days before I can send any more DM’s

It also appeared to clog up the rest of my twitter feed for a while – with some messages not getting through, and others being delayed (presumably because of API limits) – all back to normal now.

The irony is I never even got to the point where I found out what the E-Cademy website offers – and guess what ? I’m not going to bother. Nor am I going to link back to them.

Hope that explains some of my odd tweeting this afternoon, and that not too many people have responded to my invitations (if you haven’t – don’t ! – and if you have – Sorry !”

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  1. Unless it’s changed, E-Cademy is one to avoid like the plague.

    Linkedin is probably the best professional social networking site imo, or profession based verticals.

    Comment by Matt Wardman | February 21, 2010 | Reply

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