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I don’t understand Tories

UPDATE : As if by magic Iain Dale publishes more of the same : Iain Dale’s Diary: SamCam Does NOT Vote Labour! You don’t need bait on the hook with these guys, they just bite at the hook anyway !

( I found Iain’s comment : “frankly, if that’s the most damaging allegation to emerge from the programme, I imagine everyone at CCHQ will be quite pleased.” to be enticingly ominous by the way )

I find out from Conservative Home, & a post by Tim Montgomerie tonight that Samantha Cameron has never voted Labour

This apparently because tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday is planning to lead on the front page with a story claiming that the wife of the leader of the Conservative Party voted for Tony Blair’s party in 1997.

What I don’t understand is :

  • This would make a mildly amusing story – in a Labour supporting paper ! – The Mail claim to support the Conservatives so why put out a story that can only have the purpose of causing embarrassment to the Tories ?
  • Why Tim Montgomerie , Conservative Home or any other Tory would waste their time posting anything about such a stupid non-story – nobody but Samantha Cameron knows who she voted for – and frankly why should anyone care ? I voted Liberal  or Lib-Dem until the mid-90’s by the way – I like to think my thought processes have matured – others may think I’ve changed my mind. It’s OK though  – no sin, no shame – no problem, – and none for Samantha Cameron either (whoever she voted for)
  • The commenters over at Con Home immediately lay into Cameron over this – claims that he’s a clone of Tony Blair anyway surface almost immediately, and then they start arguing amongst themselves – and as far as I can tell these are Tories not Labour interlopers. – Why are they so stupid – it’s clearly not worth getting in a tizz about.

I don’t understand them. I don’t understand them at all.

March 6, 2010 - Posted by | politics |


  1. One possible explanation for the Mail running such a story is infighting within the Conservative party.

    Those within the Conservative party that want to get rid of Cameron will be keen on running this story.

    Comment by Patrick James | March 6, 2010 | Reply

    • Which is what I don’t understand. Closing gap in the polls or not – they are still ahead – Cameron is still very much an electoral asset – the last thing they need is in-fighting & division. Sometimes I think the easiest way to oppose the Tories is to sit back and let them do it themselves.

      Comment by northernheckler | March 6, 2010 | Reply

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