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My WonderWomen

In my office at the school where I work I have a self indulgent picture gallery. There are six photographs in blue IKEA frames of people that I consider to be “My Heroes” – for whatever reason.

Heroes are funny things – you don’t make a conscious decision to say “I’m going to choose a hero” – nor do you have quotas for race, gender, ethnicity etc, etc. Heroes just reach out to you and grab you emotionally, as someone you admire and as someone you think makes – or has made – the world a better place.

So it’s interesting for me to see how my heroes can be analysed according to various rational criteria – as opposed to the totally spurious ones by which I selected them.

Well – there are six heroes. There are three sportsmen. Two of which are footballers. There is one prime minister. There are two people from the North of England , there are two politicians, there are two white people, there are four black people. I have no idea about the sexual preferences of my heroes – and even less interest. I don’t know what this tells people about me – I’m a straight white northerner who likes football, and is interested in politics. My heroes are certainly a topic of conversation for people who visit me in my office, though .

Unfortunately, the comment that most of them make though is this : “Why aren’t there any women ?”

To which I answer – those are my heroes – I didn’t pick them – they picked me. I can’t help who they are.

Well this past week saw International Women’s Day, and at some point Twitter users were asked to nominate their “ #wonderwomen“ – their female heroes of all time.

Well I thought it was high time I did – so here they are.

It’s perhaps a slightly more contrived list than my original six heroes – but if I didn’t put these people in my heroes list before it wasn’t because they didn’t deserve it – it was just because of the vagaries of fate.

I think all these women are or were, wonderful people. Here they are :-

[ I’d like to ask any visitors who have their own blog to post their own #wonderwomen & to leave a link in a comment – thanks ! ]

(and if you want to see my male heroes you’ll have to wait !)




Mo Mowlam – for all the work she did in Northern Ireland, all the while battling cancer – a wonderful person, tireless politician and first class human being

Janis Joplin – for her astonishing music, and being the wildest child who ever walked the planet. Too fast to live too young to die – but she did

Rosa Parks – Civil Rights campaigner who sat as a black woman in a white man’s seat on a bus and was arrested for doing so. Which is what she planned. Brave woman




Ann Frank – a young lady persecuted by the Nazi’s who educated the world by writing down her thoughts – as all good bloggers aspire to. She was murdered in a concentration camp simply for being Jewish.

Barbara Castle – the fierce Labour politician who was a feminist before feminism was invented. Though a Labour loyalist through and through, she was nevertheless very much her own woman. The intelligent person’s Margaret Thatcher I certainly wish we’d had Barbara for PM instead

Joan of Arc – AKA St. Jeanne, the Maid of Orleans. A peasant girl who rose to lead the French to victory over England in the 100 years war, before being burnt at the stake for heresy at 19, and then made a saint. Also rumoured to be a boy . Saint, Sinner ? Boy, Girl ? Jeanne defied all stereotypes

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    • Just occasionally I get spam which is so ridiculous it’s a work of art – so here it is – I’ve removed all links so don’t worry. And just remember, an ounce of punruffledtion is merit a pulsate of mend !

      Comment by northernheckler | March 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. Marie Skladowska-Kurie. One of the greatest scientific minds and a person who, when she discovered polonium caused her blood cancer, never gave up her research but kept going into her lab as long as she could walk. Her observations of her own illness have laid foundation for the whole science of fighting cancer with help of radioactive substances.

    Comment by Katja Keller | March 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Absolutely. I like to see women being scientists – and scientists being women – both are under-valued in today’s society

      Comment by northernheckler | March 17, 2010 | Reply

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