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Quick thoughts on Ed Miliband at PMQ’s

Ed Miliband, British politician and Secretary ...

Ed Miliband

David Cameron

I had the rare pleasure today of seeing Prime Minister’s Questions live on BBC Parliament, and more by luck than judgement I chanced on Ed Miliband’s first outing as Leader of the Opposition at PMQ’s.

People (as ever) will argue about who had the upper hand in this clash – I felt it was game set and match to Ed, but  I heard others on the radio later saying exactly the opposite. Well that’s politics I guess – a matter of opinion,

What really hit me though is Ed’s style of delivery.

David Cameron bellows his answers, and makes  theatrical wails and exclamations of mock hilarity, backed up with hearty guffaws and “hear hears” from his own benches. In recent history it would have been pretty much the same on the Labour side as well – in fact the pantomime nature of PMQs has been like this for as long as I can remember.

Ed’s different though. He delivers calmly, quietly, assuredly and without hesitation. You get the feeling that he’s not got any particular dislike for his opponents – just that he disagrees with them. You feel that he’s not so much interested in a theatrical show stopper, as showing up the Government’s theatrics; that he’s not worried about sound bites, but about making sure that his bites are soundly delivered at the ankles of the premier.

I found it very refreshing and enjoyable – see what you think :

YouTube – Cameron v Miliband: First PMQs 13th Oct 2010


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  1. I happened to watch yesterday too. I completely agree – Ed seemed to not want to play the game. However, I remember Cameron doing exactly the same when he first took on Blair. Remember his call to end Punch and Judy politics? We’ll see how he performs after a few eeeks of the press calling him limp and lifeless.

    I tell you what really bothered me – all those new MPs in the House, and they still behave like braying idiots. Poor old Bercow had to shut them up three times. When he said “the public don’t like it…” he sounded like one man trying to break up a bar fight.

    Comment by Gareth Allen | October 14, 2010 | Reply

    • If you saw the bit just before PMQ’s (some other questions) there was actually a minister on his feet trying to respond to formal questions, with people either side of him just chatting on as if he wasn’t there. I liked Bercow’s “deluded” comment – I’ll have to look at the video again to see what it was though

      Comment by northernheckler | October 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. They’re worse than children! In fact chidlrena re much better behaved. I thought Ed did well but then I watched the pre-election debates and my views were completely opposite to the media’s so who can tell?

    Comment by citizenr | October 15, 2010 | Reply

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