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#NoToAV – please don’t insult my intelligence

AV could cost up to £250 Million

Do they really expect us to swallow this rubbish ?

I just got the #NoToAV leaflet through my door. I’m not committed either way on this – so here’s an opportunity for them to gain a vote.

I pick up the leaflet with the back cover towards me.

“The Alternative Vote system could cost the country £250 Million” – which is about a fiver each for a voting system that is intended to last a century or more. Not bad I think.

They go on : “£91 Million on the referendum.”

That much ? I don’t know – but aren’t we having local elections anyway ? So it shouldn’t cost too much – the polling stations will already be up, etc etc.

Oh and it will cost us that anyway – whether or not you vote AV

Oh and it was an election promise for both Lib-Dems and Labour and a condition of Coalition for Conservatives. So I think we can say that there’s a bit of a mandate for the referendum.

“£26 Million explaining how people should vote”

Really ? I thought you just put numbers in the ballot box.
Anyway ten bob per head of population sounds pretty cheap to me.

“Up to £130 Million on electronic vote counting machines.”
Except that you don’t need them, and there are no plans to buy any.

So it’s just a load of rubbish.

There are some very powerful arguments against the AV system. None of them are contained in this leaflet.


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