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Profiteering ?

Hut 4, sited adjacent to the mansion, was used...

Hut 4, sited adjacent to the mansion, was used during wartime for naval intelligence. Today, it has been refurbished as a bar and restaurant for the museum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A quick blog this.

This afternoon I visited Bletchley Park – home of the legendary codebreakers – it was a Christmas Fair – mainly in aid of Milton Keynes College, and was quite a fun event.

While I was there we had a coffee in the Cafe in Hut 4 – one of the original buildings in which code breaking activity took place.

Displayed on the wall were several war time posters – which added lots of atmosphere : This was one of them :

2012-12-09 14.45.28

So the message in the war was clear – Don’t pay more than the legal price for anything – and clearly no worries about how big the state is, or going against the free market ethos.

When I went to the counter, I thought about getting a cold drink instead.

I was deterred though by the fact that it cost £1.30 for a 330 ml can of Diet Pepsi.

Currently the cost of 8 cans of Diet Pepsi in nearby Asda (less than half a mile away) is £2.00

That’s 25p per can. It could be a loss leader – but I suspect it’s not – 2 litre bottles can be had for £1.00.

This makes the price at Bletchley Park a 700% mark up on local market prices.

It just struck me as ironic.

English: Pepsi Cola and Diet Pepsi soda delivery

Pepsi Cola and Diet Pepsi soda delivery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Bletchley Park is an amazing place, I’ve been several times. And the story of the codebreakers who worked there is amazing, to do so much with so little.

    Interesting to meet someone from the special education sector- I’ve just re-entered mainstream education from a small special and alternative school in Plymouth.

    Comment by Daniel Christopher | December 29, 2012 | Reply

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